TMS is an outsource call center that handles a variety of accounts from some of the largest household names in America. We provide customer support, order taking and sales support for our clients using a variety of programs and applications. There is nothing ordinary or routine about a day at TMS! We are always looking for the right employee so if you are customer service oriented, are interested in salesmanship, like change and variety, TMS is the place for you!

Current & prospective employees may email questions or inquires to: info@tmscallcenters.com

You may download the application for employment and W-4 form and submit your application in person at the front desk Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at our location: 435 NE Casper Street in Roseburg, Oregon (located just off Diamond Lake Boulevard). If you have any questions, you may call (541) 957-4700.

Please bring the following at the time of application:

Your completed application
W-4 Form

Current Identification (Driver’s License, State Issued ID)
Proof of citizenship (SS Card preferred)

Information regarding employment:

With the exception of some administrative or facilities positions, TMS selects current employees for most promotions. Unless otherwise posted, TMS is only accepting applications for entry level call center agent positions.

Requirements for employment: All applicants must be 18 years of age or older and must pass our typing test with a speed of at least 20 WPM with 95% accuracy (the test will be administered when your completed application is submitted). If you chose to use Umpqua Training and Employment’s typing test, you must type at least 25 WPM with 95% accuracy. A signed certification from UT&E must be submitted with your application. If you are unsure of your typing skills, we highly recommend practicing before submitting your application as we will only allow 5 test attempts per day.

Availability: In addition to previous experience or skills, your availability is the most important criteria for employment. Agents must be available each day of the week, especially weekends. Weekends are our busiest days and all employees should expect to be schedule one if not both weekend days. Since our call volume and business needs fluctuate, you flexibility is critical. We do not allow employees to choose a particular shift or certain days off due to business needs. You must be available to work all hours in our 1st or 2nd shift. New employees are not eligible for 3rd shift for 90 days. All applicants must be available for our 3-4 day new hire orientation. Changes to availability cannot be made within 60 days of hire so any changes from the time of application need to be communicated during the offer process.


With over 13 years in Direct Response experience and more than 700 campaigns, TMS is your choice for:
• TV - Short and Long Form
• Radio - Short and Long Form
• Print Media
• Direct Mail - Single or Multi-product
• Web


TMS has provided services for catalogers for over 22 years:
• Order taking
• Overflow
• High handle %
• Increased average ticket
• Disaster relief


• Customer Service
• Lead Generation
• Appointment setting
• Overflow and after hours
• Female Only Call Routing (Optional)
• Consumer recall support
• Outbound • Legal • Pledge Drives
• Non-Profit • Political surveys