About Us


TMS seeks to provide an excellent experience with every engagement.  This is inclusive of our client, their customers, and our employees.  We strive to support not only the growth of our business but the success of our clients, the experience of their customers, and the lives of our employees.


At TMS we put service first: service to our clients and their customers, service to our employees and service to our community.

We recognize that every client has a unique vision of excellence so we provide a unique offering of services designed to specifically meet the needs of each client.  Our skilled staff works diligently to create systems and processes that make the most sense for our clients.  We have experience with dozens of companies across multiple channels, which gives our clients the opportunity to work with people who know how to create and manage a successful campaign.

We are a family-owned and operated business -- but family at TMS goes far beyond DNA. 

We firmly believe that our representatives are the key to not only our success, but to the success of our clients.  Our staff is dedicated to ensuring our representatives are afforded every opportunity to learn, grow, and most importantly, succeed in our environment.  It is important to marry the needs of our clients with the needs of our employees in order to create longterm success for all involved in our business.

We believe that service should not stop at our door; but instead extend into the community in which we live.  Not only does our community consist of our employees and their families, but it is the place that has supported our business throughout our growth.  We give back to local charities, particularly those that provides services to children, as a way of saying 'Thank You' for all they have given us.


Light a F.I.R.E. within:


We work hard to be better, recognizing that excellence never sleeps.


We rely on the values of honesty and integrity to determine our course of action for each interaction.


We believe mutual respect strengthens relationships and promotes personal and professional growth.


We use all the knowledge and resources available to us to provide an excellent experience.

100+ Active Clients

400+ Agents

26+ Years in Business

Oregon Duck Fans!

TMS has proudly served its clients for over two decades while operating exclusively onsite, under a single roof. This allows our professionaly trained support staff and phone service agents to quickly adjust to our clients ever changing needs.TMS is:

  • Client driven
  • Flexible
  • Characterized by quickly handling special needs
  • Delivered on 300 web enabled work stations
  • Efficient for handling call spikes around catalog drops
TMS teams up with our Clients to:
  • Provide call routing options for Order and Customer Service calls, Over-flow calls, After hours calls, & Holiday Seasonal Calls
  • Deliver Increased sales revenue
  • Furnish professionally trained agents that are accent neutral
  • Offer the “Personal Touch” your Brand deserves in a competitive marketplace
TMS delivers for our Clients 24 X 7 X 365 days a year:
  • Call center applications that interface with your Order Entry System
  • E-commerce order entry processing
  • Customized price models

Dotty Stapleton


Jim Stapleton

Executive VP

Jeff Randall

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Kelly Lowman

Vice President of Operations
To maintain a multi-company call center environment which assists our clients in maximizing customer satisfaction on each contact. Always provide a “Personal Touch” for the client’s customers through the utilization of professionally trained service agents.

Since 1990, TMS has been providing call center services for a wide variety of clients. Our services are client driven, flexible, and characterized by our personal handling of special needs. We are particularly well suited for businesses and organizations that need a quick response to changing demands.