Direct Response

Why select TMS for your next Direct Response campaign?

  • The experts at TMS have worked on hundreds of Direct Response campaigns. Whether you’re a Direct Response vet that wants to upgrade your call center or or you’re just starting out, TMS has you covered
  • All calls serviced in USA – Never Off Shore – Accent Neutral Agents
  • Great results across multiple media sources! Including short/long form television and radio, print ads and advertorials
  • Delivering services for several top marketers in the following categories:
    • Nutraceutical products including: Diet, joint/muscle health, Men’s Health, Antioxidants, digestive health, workout supplements etc.
    • Skin Care
    • Health and Beauty
    • Therapeutic Devices
    • Intellectual Property
    • Educational/Learning
    • Household Hard Goods and MORE

A Track Record of Excellence

  • TMS offers you a dynamic approach in Direct Response to assist you in maximizing results
  • TMS provides services to several top 10 DRMA direct response clients
  • TMS provided services for a past DRMA Marketer of the year
  • All sales agents trained on 5-Step Soft Offer Sales Process to get you results
  • Experienced agent pool
  • Agents are motivated by sales commissions and our fun, interactive sales enrichment
  • Seamless integration with nearly all of the top media, Fulfillment, and Data Management platforms
  • Integrated with most of the top call routing platforms in the industry
  • Customized media Reporting for timely and accurate feedback on National & Regional Media Buys
  • Real Time visibility and call access with TMS LIVE- Secured access to monitor and review call results 24/7 via the World Wide Web, with recording link for call review
  • Easy Start up by offering Direct Response Pricing Packages that makes budgeting the telemarketing portion of your campaign simple